A first step to women empowerment, Right to LIVE!

Before starting with the topic, firstly I would like to make you people know why I chose this as my first topic in d satire category of parallel universe. We regularly talk and discuss about the burning topics of country as such politics, poverty, unemployment, woman empowerment, crime etc etc..

But in between all this we have forgotten the most crucial heading.. FEMALE INFANTICIDE. When I hear this word a fire ignites in my soul but uptill now I was feeling helpless. But today I got a stage for showing up people what I feel for it. With due respect I say yess the other topics are necessary but first of all we need to wipe out this dark spots; dark spots of cruelty and inhuman nature.

Lets stick to India, we live in a country where goddesses like LAKSHMI DURGA AMBA SARSAWATI are worshipped. And also in the country where still girls are being killed in the mother’s womb itself just for a reason that she is a GIRL child. Women empowerment can only be done if there will be any girl left. So our first step should be to save them. Female infanticide and foeticide need to be dealt with by mobilising people to get together and work against this social evil and bring about changes in the society.

What disturbs most is female infanticide is not considered a big crime and rarely do culprits get convicted. Once in a while there is a harsh conviction followed by some publicity, and it isn’t long before the news dies. Surprisingly, mothers are the ones who often perpetrate the crime, with the support of other women in her network. Since the mother is the one who has given birth to the “unwanted” girl child, she is the one who must do away with it. She is forced to do so at times, and willingly does so at others since she herself desires a male child. How much the mother, another victim of atrocities, is really to blame though, is anybody’s guess. Yess I agree, it is banned by the government and declared as illegal and punishable offence but still there are numerous villages and even cities where such sins take place. This is not an issue solved or sorted by government. For this, people need to awake up and take a resolution for stopping such shits.

Although disclosing the gender of a foetus is illegal, there are numerous doctors that disclose the child’s sex for an enhanced fee, and then offer to arrange for the abortion. Although there is a good law in place, its implementation is not as effective as it should be.

Its all about ideologoy of the people that differs at times. They won’t let their child fall on the ground and the very next day they would kill a baby girl who didn’t even get a chance to see this cruel world.

C’mon guys.. Its about me its about you and its about Us to stop this. With India having 940 females per 1000 male (2011 census) a lot of work is to be done.

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re

Andhiyara hai ghana aur lahu se sana
Kirno ke tinke ambar se chunn ke
Angna mein phir aaja re
Humne tujhpe hazaro sitam hain kiye
Humne tujhpe jahaan bhar ke zulm kiye
Humne socha nahi
Tu jo ud jaayegi
Ye zameen tere bin sooni reh jaayegi
Kiske dum pe sajega angna mera

O Ri Chiraiya, meri Chiraiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re
O Ri Chiraiya…

We here in this parallel universe strongly condemn such inhuman acts.


(this are author’s personal views)



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