Dosti ke naam ek article!

Yeah, its friendship day today.. The day for which we youth wait for a year. Celebrated every year on the first sunday of august month. But the question is DO WE KNOW WHAT FRIENDSHIP IS IN TRUE SENSE??

Its a non-blooded relation but sometimes even worthier than a blooded one. A relation which has no definition. A relation with no expectations, only love and affection. Something which can not be described by words but just felt through heart and soul. It is an universal relation with no boundaries or differences.

Everyone have friends in their life with whom they can share each and everything-happiness, sorrows, joys, problems etc etc.. But friendship is just not about sharing, it is about to stand beside friends whenever they need us. It is about solving their problems as if they are ours. Help each other in each and every trouble. It starts from sharing toys and must end to graveyard. Friendship is about having wonderful moments with your friends and sticking to them no matter what you do or what goes on. Everyday I stick up to everyone and every person who is my friend.

What makes a good friend?

The one who supports you no matter what you are upto. You can trust them.  A true friend never puts you down or hurt your feelings deliberatly. They love you because they chose to, not because they feel like they should. He/she always enjoys your company. Being trustworthy and willing to tell you truth, even when its hard. Is the one who sticks around you even when things get tough. Makes u smile when you can’t. Will cry with you when you cry and is always there to listen you.


Friends will come and go in your life, but more important than how long a friendship lasts, is that a good friend will love you for who you are. The way you can tell the sign of a good friend is by looking at the actions they take –big and small – that show they care.

Smiles and hugs are a great way to show friends that they’re not alone, that you’re there for them, and that they are important. Even if you guys aren’t nearby each other, making an effort to keep in touch through facebook, emails, texts and calls will show your friend you are there for them.


I know everyone knows all these what i wrote above but still there are people who make friends just for benefits. So this one is for them.


At the end, a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all of you on behalf of THE PARALLEL UNIVERSE.


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