Making Right Decisions!

“ A man’s success is mere reflection of his decisions”.

The thin line between the success and failures is the “decision making ability” of a person. We all always face a dilemma while making certain decisions. As a coin has two sides all situations have two decisions. Always there will be “two roads diverging in woods”. We have to decide the road, the side of the coin.

After days of thinking and pondering and even experiencing I believe no decision is wrong. People make decisions according to their circumstances and so the results are the after effects of not their decisions but their circumstances. A person makes decision on basis of his knowledge and his experiences and as experiences differ, a person’s decisions will differ.

A terrorist; we consider him a beast. We curse him for killing so many lives. But just for a second lets compare terrorism with Mahabharata. In Mahabharata Shri Krishna asked Arjun to kill his brothers and teachers because they were doing it to save Dharma(righteousness). Shri Krishna said “dharma ko bachane ke liye adharma hoga”. Same way a terrorist is infleuenced by his AKAs to spread terror by saying him that they are doing it for protection of Jehad. So in that sense even a terrorist is not wrong.I am not supporting terrorism but I am just making a comparison.

The point is that the man’s decisions are influenced by his situations and circumstances. No man is born devil. A thief is not born thief. He had to steal because he was not able to feed his children, he had to steal because he was not able to fulfil his basic necessities.

So there is nothing like right decision. We have to make our decisions right. The only care we need to take while making any decision is that :

We need to make sure that the motto behind the decision is good.

Steve jobs dropped out of the college and started learning calligraphy which he loved doing. At that time people would have cursed his decision to drop out but when Steve Jobs made his first Mcintosh computer he used those calligraphic fonts in that computer which he learned after dropout. He made his decision right by hardwork and perseverance.

While making decisions keep in mind that god is watching you and also make sure that you are ready to abide by your decisions and not change it in midways otherwise you will never reach a goal and will get strangled in your life.

“Think thousand time before making a decision but after making a decision never give a second thought to it while following your decision.”

People first think about safety before making decisions because they fear the outcome. They fear the response from the society.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one the best captain of World cricket because of his decisions. He just follows his intusions and makes decisions but he also is never afraid to take blame of the failures of team. That makes him so great.

You made a decision on basis of your circumstances which no one knows about so they are no one to judge you.

Don’t make decisions because of someone else’s opinions. Don’t fear to take blame of the decision when it comes out wrong because a day will come when you will exceed and at that day you will realise that you have learned from wrong decisions. No person or society will be able to challenge you.

Believe in your intusions, your Karma, your deeds. If they are right and you have a good motto all decisions will eventually turn out true. There will be mid-way failures just to show you the correct directions.


With this I am signing of today keep smiling and keep reading

“achieve the unexpected”

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