A man for a religion, worth it?

Well, earlier today I had been watching anupam kher’s show which had akshay kumar appearing as a guest. I had been so much impressed by his one statement. Stating what is real meditation, he said helping a person or an animal by our available strength-a rupee, 10 rs or lacs give more peace and pleasure than sitting for three hours in front of a candle or diya and meditate.

So I thought to write about this(NO OFFENCE TO ANY RELIGION OR PERSON).

Yes, according to me what he stated is 100% correct. It’s not about not accepting or opposing the religion, but it’s about helping others by our strength rather wasting it in a wrong direction. We Indians donate uncountable funds to temples, churches, or mosques. But we don’t have enough to feed a hungry child lying on footpath.

Couple of years back came a movie OH MY GOD and mostly all of us praised the work and thoughts highlighted in it. But in real life how many of us accepted the teachings taught in the movie? For many it was like “yeh sab filmy baatein hain”,

Rather wasting gallons of milk for temple which ultimately leads to the drainage should be used to fill stomachs of the needy, but we forgot it as soon as left the theatre. I guess we need to think about this. In India sculpted stones are given more importance than real breathing people. In Uttar Pradesh men are killing each other since years and for what, just for a piece of land with a doubt to whom it belongs- Hindu temple or Muslim mosque. Fighting in the name of religion has taken thousands of lives till now in our country. But people don’t understand humanity is the religion above all others.

Now we the youth of India have to take responsibilities to stop these issues and eradicate them from roots. Social customs hindering humanity should be stopped. Need to stop fighting in the name of religion and proceed towards making a better developed nation.

We at the Parallel Universe believe that it will take more time in making people understand the “Humanity is the religion above all” and that too with never ending efforts.


All you need to know about Android One.

Hey there!

What is Android One?
Android One is an initiative by Google to bring the smartphone technology to the masses.
Announced back in I/O 2014, Google launched Android One devices in India couple of days back.



Where to buy?
The first three phones launched are by Spice, Karbon mobiles and Micromax and will be available for a buyer at online retail stores like flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.
Spice Dream Uno which is priced at $ 103 (Rs. 6,299) will be available at Flipkart, Karbon Sparkle V priced at $105 (Rs. 6, 399) will be sold online through Snapdeal and meanwhile Amazon will be selling Micromax Canvas A1 at the price of $106 (Rs. 6, 499).

What are the Specifications?
All the three phones are designed according to Google’s reference design and hence are pretty much identical in terms of specification. The only difference would be in design and minor software enhancements. Talking about specifications all the three devices would come with 4.5 inch 854×480 resolution IPS Display, 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor CPU- Cortex A7, 1 GB RAM with Internal Storage of 4 GB (Half of which would be filled up by the Google Apps) with Micro SD card Slot, 5 MP Rear and 2 MP front camera, FM Radio, Dual SIM Support and Replaceable 1700 mAh Battery.

Will they run on KitKat version?
Yes. All the three devices run on KitKat 4.4. And more importantly all the three devices will get OS update directly from Google for 2 years since launch. Moreover, this phones along with Nexus devices will be first in line to get Android L.

What is so unique about this phones?
One doesn’t need to download Apps like “YouTube Downloader or Tube Mate for downloading YouTube videos as this devices would allow you to download YouTube videos on its own and one can watch it offline without any data charges. This feature is not yet available on other Android devices. Apart from this the user would also get one year free Subscription on Google News Play stand. And what would add more to the joy of the buyer would be the additional offers from online sellers, discounts and free memory card.

Google has also planned to launch its Android One devices in Philippines and South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) by 2015.

The Android One devices will face a tough competition with the same range Phones like Micromax Nitro HD, Moto E and Xiaomi’s Redmi 1s which are available in the market at almost the same price. And hence the success of this initiative by google lies in the days to come.

5 smartphones you can buy instead of an iPhone 6.

Thinking to buy an iPhone 6? Well have a look at this 5 Smartphones that will fit in your budget instead of an iPhone 6 which costs around Rs.60,000.


1). Moto G (2nd Gen) :

Moto G 2nd generation

Photo from ibnlive.in

The newly launched Moto G 2nd Generation will make you fall for it. With Pricing around Rs.12,999, Moto G 2nd Gen is packed with a lot of stunning features. Take a look

Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, Adreno 305 450MHz GPU
8GB & 16GB versions
Supports up to 32GB microSD
Dimensions: Height: 141.5mm Width: 70.7mm
Weight: 149 grams
5.0” 720p IPS HD display at 720×1280 (294 ppi)
Gorilla Glass 3
2070 mAh battery (mixed usage up to 24 hours)
Rear Camera: 8 MP (4:3) 6 MP (16:9) (LED flash, 4x digital zoom, HDR, panorama, burst mode, slow motion)
Front Camera: 2 MP + 720p HD video
Water repellency
Micro USB, 3.5mm headset jack
FM Radio
Dual SIM with Intelligent Calling.


2) Xiaomi Mi3 : 

Photo from Fonearena.com

Photo from Fonearena.com

A premium Android smartphone by Xiaomi Tech is in the news after the company sold about 40,000 units in 4.5 seconds through online Flipkart stores in India. This Phone carries a lot of handy specs

NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (depending on market)
5-inch IPS 1080p display
13MP Sony Exymor R CMOS camera
2MP front facing
3,050mAh battery
8.1mm thick profile
Aluminum alloy body

All this comes for Rs.13,999!

3) Xiaomi Redmi 1s :

Photo from cnet.com

Photo from cnet.com

Well If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy an iPhone 6, you can surely afford to buy this phone which costs about Rs.5,999 and is available in India through online Flipkart stores. One of the best phones i have came across in the low pricing range. Have a look at the key features

4.7-inch Touchscreen
Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS
Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
8 MP Primary Camera
AGC Dragontrail Scratch Resistant Glass
1.6 MP Secondary Camera
1.6 GHz MSM8228 Quad Core Processor
Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)


4) Asus Zenfone 4 :

Photo from fonearena.com

Photo from fonearena.com

Another phone in the indian market priced at Rs 5,999 which comes with Android Kitkat operating system is the phone you can not afford to miss.

Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
5 MP Pixel Master Camera with Auto Focus
4-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
Powerful Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Intel Atom Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology
Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) Upgradable to v4.4 (KitKat) OS


5) Moto X (2014) :

Photo from phonearena.com

Photo from phonearena.com

And finally here comes one of the best Mid range smartphone by Motorola i.e Moto X (2104). The company is giving a tough competition to its rivalries with the phone that costs about Rs. 30,000. Here are the key specs

5.2-inch AMOLED display
1920×1080 resolution
13MP camera with LED ring flash
2MP front-camera
Dual front-facing speakers
2.5GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 801 processor
2GB of RAM
16/32GB of storage
2300mAh battery
5.54 x 2.85 x 0.39 inches
New Moto Maker materials: 4 colors of leather, more wood.


Well Here are the choices. Be wise to choose!

Dear iPhone 6, Welcome to 2012!

Hello iPhone 6, welcome to 2012!

At apple’s much awaited event, the company unveiled its brand new iPhone 6 along with iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch.

A series of jokes on iPhone 6 started soon on twitter. And then came a tweet by Ron Amadeo who reviews editor at Ars Technica, comparing the specs of newly launched iPhone 6 and LG Nexus 4. The following photo went viral soon after.


iPhone6 vs nexus 4

The above was tweeted by Ron Amadeo.


Seems like iPhone is the Internet Explorer of Mobile phone world 😀

Shweta Basu, Bengali babe in bad taste!


Swetha basu is that you? How come you grow this big?


Why is she in the news?

Actress Shweta Basu Prasad, along with other businessmen were caught red handed in a high profile prostitution racket during police raids at a hotel in Banjara Hills.

swetha basu prasad


Started her film career at early age of 11, shweta was awarded National Film Award for Best Child Artist for the movie Makdee. She was even awarded Best Awarded best Supporting actress award at 5th International Karachi Film Festival. In 2008, she debuted in Telugu Cinema and played her first starring role in film Kotha Banguru Lokam and the movie went on to become a large commercial success.


How did she end up in Prostitution racket then?

I was out of money. I had to support my family and some other good causes. All the doors were closed and some people encouraged me to get into prostitution to earn money. I was helpless, and with no option left to choose, i got involved in this act” said some police sources as her official statement. 

The tragedy as it seems is more in her choice of prostitution for making money and letting go off her talent which achieved her fame at the early age of 11.


What are the possible things that can happen next?

Was she caught accepting money in exchange of sex or was she caught pimping in exchange of money? It would be tough task for police to prove the same. If proven, she would attract punishment. But in case she was there in intimate position with her own will then there seems to be no case at all. And after all A Consensus Sex is no crime in India.


Our Opinion.

We here at parallel universe appreciate the wonderful job by police apart from knowing the fact that the same police is yet to get a lead in  rape cases, bribery, murder, espionage and other more important cases but ends up in catching an actress and a high profile businessmen in a compromising position with their own will. Was she Shweta there by force? NO! The fuss made about this case somehow diverts our attention from the real issues and it is somehow waste of time and resources.





Pakistan, a fragile democracy!

Hey there!

Pakistan is in the news from couple of days as a cricketer turned politician Imran Khan is all set for uprooting the present PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif from his position.


What’s the matter?

The country is currently facing a political crisis, the likes of which it hasn’t seen in years. Elected in 2013, Nawaz had pledged to pull out the country from energy crisis, reviving crippled economy and boost the ties with India. Nawaz also served as PM in 1990.

But nothing is going Nawaz’s way. Imran Khan, cricketer turned politician along with Tahir-ul-Qadri, a firebrand canada based cleric, have accused Nawaz of Corruption and malpractices in the elections. Now, both Khan and Qadri have called for Sharif to quit. Thousands of supporters of Khan and qadri had gathered a couple of days before the 14th august for “Freedom March”. Sharif, fearing of a military coup which had ousted him in 1999, allowed the protests.

The protest started more violent when Khan asked his supporters for massive civil disobedience and not paying any utility bills and taxes. Supporters in Islamabad, stormed the Red Zone area (area that contains parliament and government offices).

Till now 3 people are reported to be dead and more than 500 are injured in the clashes between police and civilians.


What could possibly happen next?

Neither Khan nor Sharif are in mood to bow down. So the next thing that could probably happen is the military “neutral” intervention in the issue. Political insiders have even reported that the military is playing an intermediate role between Khan and Sharif’s government. In talks with Sharif’s brother, Military chief asked Sharif for a Peaceful Resolution.


Is Pakistan going Syria’s way? Probably yes. Peaceful protests by civilians that had started in Syria couple of  years back has taken the shape of a horrifying civil war with thousand of civilians and more importantly children continue to die and the Syrian government in no mood to step down. Pakistan military could probably save Pakistan from turning out be another Syria by responding and resolving the protests in a better way.