A man for a religion, worth it?

Well, earlier today I had been watching anupam kher’s show which had akshay kumar appearing as a guest. I had been so much impressed by his one statement. Stating what is real meditation, he said helping a person or an animal by our available strength-a rupee, 10 rs or lacs give more peace and pleasure than sitting for three hours in front of a candle or diya and meditate.

So I thought to write about this(NO OFFENCE TO ANY RELIGION OR PERSON).

Yes, according to me what he stated is 100% correct. It’s not about not accepting or opposing the religion, but it’s about helping others by our strength rather wasting it in a wrong direction. We Indians donate uncountable funds to temples, churches, or mosques. But we don’t have enough to feed a hungry child lying on footpath.

Couple of years back came a movie OH MY GOD and mostly all of us praised the work and thoughts highlighted in it. But in real life how many of us accepted the teachings taught in the movie? For many it was like “yeh sab filmy baatein hain”,

Rather wasting gallons of milk for temple which ultimately leads to the drainage should be used to fill stomachs of the needy, but we forgot it as soon as left the theatre. I guess we need to think about this. In India sculpted stones are given more importance than real breathing people. In Uttar Pradesh men are killing each other since years and for what, just for a piece of land with a doubt to whom it belongs- Hindu temple or Muslim mosque. Fighting in the name of religion has taken thousands of lives till now in our country. But people don’t understand humanity is the religion above all others.

Now we the youth of India have to take responsibilities to stop these issues and eradicate them from roots. Social customs hindering humanity should be stopped. Need to stop fighting in the name of religion and proceed towards making a better developed nation.

We at the Parallel Universe believe that it will take more time in making people understand the “Humanity is the religion above all” and that too with never ending efforts.


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