Bale Or Ben? Whatever. He is Goddamn Batman after all.


“He is the hero Gotham deserves, not the one it needs.”

Hereby i express my views on the topic that has much fuss about. Alright,We are talking about one of the most powerful and probably the most loved superhero character, BATMAN. He has no super powers like superman, flash, thor, hulk or Kamal R Khan i guess. The only things he has is his super detective mind, his sharp knowledge about technology, sensible feelings about his city Gotham. Are superheroes born orphans or do orphans eventually turn out to be a superheroes.

Back to the Batman, he is the superhero character with having the most number of Comic book adaptations in Hollywood movies and characterized by different directors with different actors having change in plot frequently. The last Batman Series  ‘The Dark Knight trilogy’ directed by Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale as Batman was more successful than the other adaptations of Batman in previous years. It is just because of superb cinematography and directing by Nolan that made Dark knight achieve new heights. And the actor Christian Bale, is one of the few Method actors in Hollywood who reduced his weight to 49 kg for a movie called ‘The Mechanist’.

So whats the fuss about?

The director of ‘Man of Steel’, Zack Snyder is making a movie called ‘Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice’ and the lead actor of Oscar winning film ‘Argo’, Ben Affleck is chosen for the role of Batman.

Well well well this is now becoming a topic for discussion and a bit matter for concern for some Hollywood critics. According to them, Ben Affleck for the role of Batman is totally wrong choice. He looks a little fatty and is not suitable compared to Nolan’s dark knight series. Now it was turn for critics who then made memes of Ben which all of a sudden went viral on internet. In an interview, Ben Affleck clarified that the upcoming movie is not connected with dark knight trilogy and it will not harm any ‘ morals and values ‘ of Nolan’s Batman. He also said ” I don’t know whether I am perfect for the role or not, but I will give my 100% to be exactly what audience want. ” (clap …clap…clap..).

But you know what Ben affleck can do anything after all. Right from rescuing people in his movies to act as a superhero, one cannot easily stop him. Had Anurag Kashyap ever called Ben he would have surely agreed to do the role of Sardar Khan. Sardar khan naam hai hamara, bata dijiye ga sabko. Ok wait im sounding too optimistic i guess.

Hey Bat Fans, I am talking to you right now, Batman will always be the one who is in the DC comics since 1939 AD and he will always be the real one, Gotham’s Knight for the forever fans. No matter how many movie adaptations takes place, He will always be The Goddamn Batman.!

As Commissioner Gordon said in the dark knight series ,

“He is not a hero..he is batman..and Batman can be any one!” Right from Uday chopra to Ishant Sharma. 😀


Salman’s KICK : Hole in your Pocket.

Hola amigos,
Kem chho?

This is a movie review for Bhai’s movie I mean that’s fine please be seated.
The reason behind Salman khan getting that 100 crore mark every time is simple,very simple.
It’s not Salman Khan but His fans!
Let’s imagine the other hero(or my favourite one) Manoj bajpai. If Manoj bajpai would have ever done a movie named KICK he would have surely ended up his career at once but wait that’s not the case with Salman!

After watching trailer,
I had thought of a good entertaining 2 hrs and expected a bit new with screenplay written by bestselling writer Chetan Bhagat. I entered the theater and… surprise!surprise!  No CHETAN BHAGAT factor!

The first 30 minutes of the movie are common drama of Bollywood Masala, frustrating at times.
First half of the movie is all about explaining who is devil(devilal) and why he exists. The second half is little interesting because of acting and villainous sense expressed by Navazudin ( sorry for the wrong spell) Siddiqui. I had expected good ending atleast but Nadiadwala  disappoints (non salman fans).

Plus points:
Randeep Hooda has Total class in his role of officer. Abhishek Bachchan going to USA to arrest Amir made no sense but in this case Randeep was described as firm and duty bound officer appointed to catch Devil in Poland and His performance was fantastic.
The villain of the movie,
Navazudin makes the movie entertaining throughout from his entry to closure with his creepy laugh like Batman’s joker.

Minus points:
The whole plot of the movie is unrealistic (like previous movies of Salman Khan) I mean,how can Salman escape from police force after making the bus jump in to the river? I don’t think any Police is as careless as showed in the movie.
Salman Khan is as usual as kissing scenes in Emraan Hasmi’s movies.
The scene in the movie when Salman is crying really don’t create emotional feeling towards his humble work to save a child.
As it is said ‘you need to put your brains and other heavenly belongings aside when you watch a Salman khan movie’.

It is a typical Sallu movie.The Ending is not satisfactory and made me feel disappointed.
Overall,The film is average.People went to theatre expecting to see something new but came out with negative reviews except Sallu bhai’s phan oops i mean fans. Diehard Salman’s fans will probably love the movie because it contains all loads which his fans want to see in ” A Typical Sallu Movie”.
But for a type of audience like we are who are expecting something new from Salman, I am saying “Abort mission!I repeat, Abort mission!”.

2 out of 5 stars from The CriticBat. Our ratings are typical “aam aadmi ratings” no nothing to do with kejriwal!
FYI:”Salman: Mere bare me itna mat sochna…Remake banata hoon,Original nahi.!!”

PS: Bhai still doesn’t give a f*ck about his critics hai na bhai?


(these are the personal views of the author)