Pakistan, a fragile democracy!

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Pakistan is in the news from couple of days as a cricketer turned politician Imran Khan is all set for uprooting the present PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif from his position.


What’s the matter?

The country is currently facing a political crisis, the likes of which it hasn’t seen in years. Elected in 2013, Nawaz had pledged to pull out the country from energy crisis, reviving crippled economy and boost the ties with India. Nawaz also served as PM in 1990.

But nothing is going Nawaz’s way. Imran Khan, cricketer turned politician along with Tahir-ul-Qadri, a firebrand canada based cleric, have accused Nawaz of Corruption and malpractices in the elections. Now, both Khan and Qadri have called for Sharif to quit. Thousands of supporters of Khan and qadri had gathered a couple of days before the 14th august for “Freedom March”. Sharif, fearing of a military coup which had ousted him in 1999, allowed the protests.

The protest started more violent when Khan asked his supporters for massive civil disobedience and not paying any utility bills and taxes. Supporters in Islamabad, stormed the Red Zone area (area that contains parliament and government offices).

Till now 3 people are reported to be dead and more than 500 are injured in the clashes between police and civilians.


What could possibly happen next?

Neither Khan nor Sharif are in mood to bow down. So the next thing that could probably happen is the military “neutral” intervention in the issue. Political insiders have even reported that the military is playing an intermediate role between Khan and Sharif’s government. In talks with Sharif’s brother, Military chief asked Sharif for a Peaceful Resolution.


Is Pakistan going Syria’s way? Probably yes. Peaceful protests by civilians that had started in Syria couple of  years back has taken the shape of a horrifying civil war with thousand of civilians and more importantly children continue to die and the Syrian government in no mood to step down. Pakistan military could probably save Pakistan from turning out be another Syria by responding and resolving the protests in a better way.



You have forgotten Syria! Haven’t you?

Hey there!

In all the discussion over the cruel and inhuman things happening in gaza strip and palestine, news channels have forgotten to show what’s happening in Syria. Ya Syria it is. Even UN has forgotten.

Syria – A country in the middle east located along the shore of mediterranean sea is having the toughest time with the ruling president cum “dictator” Bashar al-assad killing thousands of rebels and civilians. But who cares? right? “Gaza under attack” “save gaza” is what i hear from the news channels all day. Even UN has its double standards when it comes to deal with Syrian crisis. Fightings between government and rebels have killed more than 100,000 people and made 2 million people to be refugees. And what matter’s most is that the half of the refugees are children.



It all started in 2011 with the peaceful protests lead by civilians against the ruling government. The government then responded in their way – “inhuman” way. Initially the forces quietly killed the activists. Then they started torturing and raping women, kidnapping children and dumping their dead bodies along roads. Gun Shots were fired on the protests to which civilians responded by shooting back. This thing is now what we call a civil war – more devastating and blood shedding version. There seems to be no end of this. Armed civilians have formed groups and the army deployed across the country bombards towns and neighbourhoods every now and then and forcing the people into submissions.



The answer is here. Its all about Russia’s love to Syria. Russia blocks all international interventions especially those which would harm their beloved Bashar al-Assad. With large amount of arms being sent to Bashar al-assad (president of syria) by Russia, there seems a very little hope for the end of this civil war. Russia still owns that cold war mentality and a bit of national insecurity which has made it to care much about their last military alliance. Moreover Russia has its naval installation in syria which is strategically important and it is russia’s last foreign military base outside USSR. And you know what the man himself Vladimir Putin (president of russia) doesn’t like someone being a threat to him.



Nope. It would probably continue for years to come. There’s no one to sign a peace treaty either rebels or the government. And with russia supporting the syrian government, America would have a little to say in this case. At some point the conflict would gradually cool either with exhaustion or by partial victory.


And what will be left to remember is a tragedy.