How does it feel to skip writing for straight seven days!

Have you ever wondered that how does it feel not to do the things which you are best at?

Hey there!

Writing a post after straight 10 days and the reason for this is – “mid-semester” exams. The second worst thing in an engineering student life is this “mid-semester” exams and the first “engineering” itself. All this while i felt like i had been picked and dropped into a real universe where i had to deal with all “moh maya” kind of stuff. Right from dealing with my gf to last minute preparations were the things i had been dealing from last 10 days. And now when i sit here at an empty place in the parallel universe, all sort of satirical thoughts come in my cerebral cortex. Brain that is.

Okay lets get back on something. Something like um Poonam Pandey! I just heard from leading news channels that Poonam Pandey was apparently removed from Facebook and the reason to which is unknown. This step taken by Facebook would somehow protect the humanity and especially the youth of the country from wasting much of their time by visiting her Facebook page thrice a day to check for a nude selfie. In other words Facebook unknowingly  gave a new life to all those 1.2 million online fans of Poonam Pandey. I hope Poonam would now be more conscious and cautious about what she puts online or else get banned.

ALS Ice Bucket challenge is in the news since couple of weeks and it has recently landed in India and guess what poonam pandey is here to take a challenge. The challenge taken by her was more like showcasing her 34-26-36 assets. Dressed in her black bikinis, Poonam was all set to grab the attention of her YouTube and online viewers. She just cannot afford to miss a chance where she can flaunt her assets hai na? She has now nominated three Khans of bollywood excluding Kamal R Khan to take Ice Bucket Challenge. I hope Amir Khan doesn’t  dress the “PK” way!


Ab life me itna famous hona hai ke koi Ice Bucket challenge ke liye nominate kare, bas itna hi famous hona hai”



Making Right Decisions!

“ A man’s success is mere reflection of his decisions”.

The thin line between the success and failures is the “decision making ability” of a person. We all always face a dilemma while making certain decisions. As a coin has two sides all situations have two decisions. Always there will be “two roads diverging in woods”. We have to decide the road, the side of the coin.

After days of thinking and pondering and even experiencing I believe no decision is wrong. People make decisions according to their circumstances and so the results are the after effects of not their decisions but their circumstances. A person makes decision on basis of his knowledge and his experiences and as experiences differ, a person’s decisions will differ.

A terrorist; we consider him a beast. We curse him for killing so many lives. But just for a second lets compare terrorism with Mahabharata. In Mahabharata Shri Krishna asked Arjun to kill his brothers and teachers because they were doing it to save Dharma(righteousness). Shri Krishna said “dharma ko bachane ke liye adharma hoga”. Same way a terrorist is infleuenced by his AKAs to spread terror by saying him that they are doing it for protection of Jehad. So in that sense even a terrorist is not wrong.I am not supporting terrorism but I am just making a comparison.

The point is that the man’s decisions are influenced by his situations and circumstances. No man is born devil. A thief is not born thief. He had to steal because he was not able to feed his children, he had to steal because he was not able to fulfil his basic necessities.

So there is nothing like right decision. We have to make our decisions right. The only care we need to take while making any decision is that :

We need to make sure that the motto behind the decision is good.

Steve jobs dropped out of the college and started learning calligraphy which he loved doing. At that time people would have cursed his decision to drop out but when Steve Jobs made his first Mcintosh computer he used those calligraphic fonts in that computer which he learned after dropout. He made his decision right by hardwork and perseverance.

While making decisions keep in mind that god is watching you and also make sure that you are ready to abide by your decisions and not change it in midways otherwise you will never reach a goal and will get strangled in your life.

“Think thousand time before making a decision but after making a decision never give a second thought to it while following your decision.”

People first think about safety before making decisions because they fear the outcome. They fear the response from the society.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one the best captain of World cricket because of his decisions. He just follows his intusions and makes decisions but he also is never afraid to take blame of the failures of team. That makes him so great.

You made a decision on basis of your circumstances which no one knows about so they are no one to judge you.

Don’t make decisions because of someone else’s opinions. Don’t fear to take blame of the decision when it comes out wrong because a day will come when you will exceed and at that day you will realise that you have learned from wrong decisions. No person or society will be able to challenge you.

Believe in your intusions, your Karma, your deeds. If they are right and you have a good motto all decisions will eventually turn out true. There will be mid-way failures just to show you the correct directions.


With this I am signing of today keep smiling and keep reading

“achieve the unexpected”

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Half Girlfriend, because a full girlfriend is too mainstream!


Chetan Bhagat made my day today. I woke up to see that Chetan bhagat is about to release his new novel – “Half Girlfriend”. “Half girlfriend” i mean are you serious man? There’s half of everything hai na Chetan ji? I think he has probably derived the concept of “half girlfriend” from “Cutting chai“. Or is it the civilized way of saying “saali aadhi gharwali” 😀

And you know what? Half girlfriend is based on the love story of a Bihari boy. A rural bihari boy named Madhav who gives his ‘half’ bihari heart to a ‘half’ girl named Riya. The more bigger mystery than the nomenclature of the novel is how on the earth would a rural desi “ghee” guy fall in love with the Nutralite “butter” girl? Or is it something like bhojpuri movie “Bihari babu vilayati mem”? Sounds ‘full’ boring! Meanwhile in parallel universe it was even reported that the sequel of “half girlfriend” would be – “half+half girlfriend”, “one quarter wife”, “one and half kids” and all the other fractions ever known to mankind. Its a perfect market strategy, buy this “half girlfriend” and then buy the “half girlfriend” part 2 to get a full girlfriend! And that’s what we should expect from an IIM guy.

Well well well I won’t let my gf have that “half girlfriend” because what if someday she turns up to me and says “You can have my upper half right now and lower half on the day ‘full girlfriend’ releases”. 

Sarkar se pehle chetan bhagat ne bihar ke ladko ko special status de diya. wah kya baat! 

Chetan Bhagat has now equaled the score of JK Rowling in releasing the novels having something “half” in their names. Chetan Bhagat – 1 JK Rowling-1. Well I personally believe Madhav would be studying Engineering because engineers are reported to have two girlfriends at a time or in most cases none. And the girl would be like “oh my god he’s an engineer how cool let me fall in love”. Or in other case it would be something like a random love story. After hearing the news of “half girlfriend”, Abhishek Kapoor, the director of “Kai po che” was reported to make a movie called “HU ANE MARI HALF GIRLFRIEND” (Hindi translation-me aur meri aadhi girlfriend). Flipkart was even more excited than abhishek kapoor. It has even started taking pre orders of “full girlfriend” from now.


What i like the most of the about this “half girlfriend” is its pricing which is just Rs 149. Its a choice between buying Motichoor ke laddoo or the novel at the same price!

You have forgotten Syria! Haven’t you?

Hey there!

In all the discussion over the cruel and inhuman things happening in gaza strip and palestine, news channels have forgotten to show what’s happening in Syria. Ya Syria it is. Even UN has forgotten.

Syria – A country in the middle east located along the shore of mediterranean sea is having the toughest time with the ruling president cum “dictator” Bashar al-assad killing thousands of rebels and civilians. But who cares? right? “Gaza under attack” “save gaza” is what i hear from the news channels all day. Even UN has its double standards when it comes to deal with Syrian crisis. Fightings between government and rebels have killed more than 100,000 people and made 2 million people to be refugees. And what matter’s most is that the half of the refugees are children.



It all started in 2011 with the peaceful protests lead by civilians against the ruling government. The government then responded in their way – “inhuman” way. Initially the forces quietly killed the activists. Then they started torturing and raping women, kidnapping children and dumping their dead bodies along roads. Gun Shots were fired on the protests to which civilians responded by shooting back. This thing is now what we call a civil war – more devastating and blood shedding version. There seems to be no end of this. Armed civilians have formed groups and the army deployed across the country bombards towns and neighbourhoods every now and then and forcing the people into submissions.



The answer is here. Its all about Russia’s love to Syria. Russia blocks all international interventions especially those which would harm their beloved Bashar al-Assad. With large amount of arms being sent to Bashar al-assad (president of syria) by Russia, there seems a very little hope for the end of this civil war. Russia still owns that cold war mentality and a bit of national insecurity which has made it to care much about their last military alliance. Moreover Russia has its naval installation in syria which is strategically important and it is russia’s last foreign military base outside USSR. And you know what the man himself Vladimir Putin (president of russia) doesn’t like someone being a threat to him.



Nope. It would probably continue for years to come. There’s no one to sign a peace treaty either rebels or the government. And with russia supporting the syrian government, America would have a little to say in this case. At some point the conflict would gradually cool either with exhaustion or by partial victory.


And what will be left to remember is a tragedy.


Bale Or Ben? Whatever. He is Goddamn Batman after all.


“He is the hero Gotham deserves, not the one it needs.”

Hereby i express my views on the topic that has much fuss about. Alright,We are talking about one of the most powerful and probably the most loved superhero character, BATMAN. He has no super powers like superman, flash, thor, hulk or Kamal R Khan i guess. The only things he has is his super detective mind, his sharp knowledge about technology, sensible feelings about his city Gotham. Are superheroes born orphans or do orphans eventually turn out to be a superheroes.

Back to the Batman, he is the superhero character with having the most number of Comic book adaptations in Hollywood movies and characterized by different directors with different actors having change in plot frequently. The last Batman Series  ‘The Dark Knight trilogy’ directed by Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale as Batman was more successful than the other adaptations of Batman in previous years. It is just because of superb cinematography and directing by Nolan that made Dark knight achieve new heights. And the actor Christian Bale, is one of the few Method actors in Hollywood who reduced his weight to 49 kg for a movie called ‘The Mechanist’.

So whats the fuss about?

The director of ‘Man of Steel’, Zack Snyder is making a movie called ‘Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice’ and the lead actor of Oscar winning film ‘Argo’, Ben Affleck is chosen for the role of Batman.

Well well well this is now becoming a topic for discussion and a bit matter for concern for some Hollywood critics. According to them, Ben Affleck for the role of Batman is totally wrong choice. He looks a little fatty and is not suitable compared to Nolan’s dark knight series. Now it was turn for critics who then made memes of Ben which all of a sudden went viral on internet. In an interview, Ben Affleck clarified that the upcoming movie is not connected with dark knight trilogy and it will not harm any ‘ morals and values ‘ of Nolan’s Batman. He also said ” I don’t know whether I am perfect for the role or not, but I will give my 100% to be exactly what audience want. ” (clap …clap…clap..).

But you know what Ben affleck can do anything after all. Right from rescuing people in his movies to act as a superhero, one cannot easily stop him. Had Anurag Kashyap ever called Ben he would have surely agreed to do the role of Sardar Khan. Sardar khan naam hai hamara, bata dijiye ga sabko. Ok wait im sounding too optimistic i guess.

Hey Bat Fans, I am talking to you right now, Batman will always be the one who is in the DC comics since 1939 AD and he will always be the real one, Gotham’s Knight for the forever fans. No matter how many movie adaptations takes place, He will always be The Goddamn Batman.!

As Commissioner Gordon said in the dark knight series ,

“He is not a hero..he is batman..and Batman can be any one!” Right from Uday chopra to Ishant Sharma. 😀

Dosti ke naam ek article!

Yeah, its friendship day today.. The day for which we youth wait for a year. Celebrated every year on the first sunday of august month. But the question is DO WE KNOW WHAT FRIENDSHIP IS IN TRUE SENSE??

Its a non-blooded relation but sometimes even worthier than a blooded one. A relation which has no definition. A relation with no expectations, only love and affection. Something which can not be described by words but just felt through heart and soul. It is an universal relation with no boundaries or differences.

Everyone have friends in their life with whom they can share each and everything-happiness, sorrows, joys, problems etc etc.. But friendship is just not about sharing, it is about to stand beside friends whenever they need us. It is about solving their problems as if they are ours. Help each other in each and every trouble. It starts from sharing toys and must end to graveyard. Friendship is about having wonderful moments with your friends and sticking to them no matter what you do or what goes on. Everyday I stick up to everyone and every person who is my friend.

What makes a good friend?

The one who supports you no matter what you are upto. You can trust them.  A true friend never puts you down or hurt your feelings deliberatly. They love you because they chose to, not because they feel like they should. He/she always enjoys your company. Being trustworthy and willing to tell you truth, even when its hard. Is the one who sticks around you even when things get tough. Makes u smile when you can’t. Will cry with you when you cry and is always there to listen you.


Friends will come and go in your life, but more important than how long a friendship lasts, is that a good friend will love you for who you are. The way you can tell the sign of a good friend is by looking at the actions they take –big and small – that show they care.

Smiles and hugs are a great way to show friends that they’re not alone, that you’re there for them, and that they are important. Even if you guys aren’t nearby each other, making an effort to keep in touch through facebook, emails, texts and calls will show your friend you are there for them.


I know everyone knows all these what i wrote above but still there are people who make friends just for benefits. So this one is for them.


At the end, a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all of you on behalf of THE PARALLEL UNIVERSE.

Guess who’s back, back again!

Hey there!

Was flipping through the news channels and all of a sudden i stopped to see that Natwar singh is back in the news. Natwar Singh, who served as the external affairs minister in UPA-I under the PM Manmohan singh is in the news for his autobiography “one life is not enough” which is scheduled to reach markets very soon. It was Sanjay Baru who had had his book “the accidental prime minister” released earlier this year and now comes another insider Natwar singh and this time it will even more painful for Congress party. Oh wait, congress party? where is it? i cannot find one.

Now let’s see what’s inside so called “one life is not enough”.

Ever wondered why Sonia Gandhi pulled out of becoming PM in 2004? Stop wondering. In his autobiography, Natwar Singh puts the blame on Rahul Gandhi for not letting his MOM reside the PM’s seat as he feared for mommy’s life. So what if Rahul gandhi’s favourite song is “Sorry, blame it on me” (wahi Akon wala), you cannot put the blame all alone on him Mr Natwar singh. Meanwhile Rahul Baba was also found adding a milestone to his facebook profile which read  “Now officially responsible for double trouble to the party 1st in 2004 and 2nd everyone knows :p “. See the innocence of this fellow, so adorable. 

 Like Sanjay baru, Natwar Singh too accused the 10 Janpath Sonia gandhi’s Residence had been a real centre for power all these days. Baru and Singh were both once congress loyalist and are now indirectly inviting others to join them and share the insights of congress’s regime of which citizens are unaware of.

But wait, Sonia Gandhi has something to say. Yes Mam please. “I will write my own book and then you will come to know everything. The only way truth will come out is if I write. I am serious about it and I will be writing”. The master answer to all the blame.

The story of Betrayal and Truth!

Getting out of the comfort zone!



People say “GRAVE IS THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION OF A BODY” but the right way to live life is living with the soul and not with the body. Because the ultimate destination of soul is not grave but it’s heaven.

I was greatly inspired by the renowned dialogue of the movie “ANAND” which was as follows “babumoshai zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahin”. It has a very simple meaning but lot of us don’t implement it our life. We want a life full of comforts and minimum of responsibilities and that’s why we end up living a very boring life.

We normally long for a life in which after our retirement we can sit in peace with a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in other. We blame our education system that it compels us to mug up things but the truth is that we mug up things because we find it much less easier to mug up things than remembering them after understanding them. We never wish to refer any other book other than textbooks because we are studying for exams and not for knowledge.

We never wish to come out of our comfort zone. Also at our work place we are often reluctant to take responsibilities which compels us to come out of our comfort zone. “One who waits for perfect situation to do work never gets the work done because perfect situation is never going to come”. We dream of a life of Mukesh Ambani but we don’t have the courage of taking risks like Dhirubhai Ambani.

That’s why “life is not the breaths you take but it’s the moments that take your breath away”.

The movie zindagi na milegi dobaara inspires us to do the things which we are most afraid of and overcome the fear.

The dialogue “ main udna chahta hun daudna chahta hun girna bhi chahta hun bas rukna nahi chahta hun” was so good to hear but do we ever take risks not being afraid of the failure? The answer is NO!

You have to make your life large by doing things you always wanted to do when your body and health supports you. You can’t dream of doing skydiving at the age of 60 nor can you climb Everest at age of 58 so as I said you cannot wait for conditions to become perfect. You have to do things by getting out of your comfort zone.

Life doesn’t come with a user manual so there is no right way to lead your life. Only thing you can do is living it as you wish.

We often compare our successes and failures with our peers and that ultimately makes us live our life in a way they are living. Once we start living someone else’s life we lose our unique identity on the planet. Little failures start hurting us. We stop taking risks and finally live a life that’s not worth.


Fear- forget everything and run.

Fear- face everything and rise.

Its up to us how we approach fear!

When there is no pain there is no gain. We have to take the pain to gain something rather than sitting and waiting the life to give us opportunities.



Determination means the “one last effort” we give when we are not in a position to give any.


Sometimes living life knowing that we are going to die tomorrow helps you a lot because then we don’t waste time behind futile things like money, position, reputation etc. , but we start doing things we always wanted to do.

Always ask yourself this question:” Will I do this same thing if it is the last day of my life?” If you don’t get your answer for few days believe me its time to change your style of living.




With this again I am signing off. Eagerly waiting for your valuable feedbacks and suggestions.


“achieve the unexpected”